About Us

me September

Summers Cleaning Solutions was started by Wendy Summers when she realized the deep satisfaction that came from helping friends and family by cleaning the areas of their homes that they simply dreaded doing themselves. Wendy’s motto has long been “choose happiness”, and by removing the dust and grime in other’s homes, she removed stress– and everyone was happy! Just like the mechanic who maintains our automobiles or the hairdresser who cuts and colors our hair, Wendy provides a service that most people don’t invest the time in doing themselves. After all, how many of us change our own oil or cut our own hair anymore? Since starting SCS, Wendy has watched the lives of her clients improve significantly. The sense of feeling overwhelmed by the mess at home has been replaced with a glowing pride that is evident by the activities and entertaining taking place now. Families are enjoying their time together in clean spaces, never arguing about whose turn it is to clean the bathroom or mop the kitchen floor. Young couples are falling deeper in love, strengthening their relationships instead of harboring resentment over who is responsible for what chore. Singles are thriving at work & in their social lives, spending their precious time doing things that develop personal growth and fulfillment. For these clients, Summers Cleaning Solutions is not an option; we are an essential part of their well-being. We are people helping people choose happiness.